Giving Teens Grace provides education to youth and families about the dangerous side of the internet and mobile apps. We give hope to families facing issues with predators, cyber-bullies, and teens at-risk. We believe in the power of education, grace, and restoration. Most parents’ lives’ don’t revolve around social media and the internet as teenagers and children’s do.



We believe that teens deserve GRACE-grace to make mistakes and a safe place to land when they do. The goal of Giving Teens Grace is to create a safe place for families when their lives' seems out of control. Our Mission is to Restore Families through Grace and Understanding. We do this by advocating on behalf of families in crisis, providing connections to counseling and legal resources in the community. Because of the personal experiences of our founder we understand that emotional support is the key to restoration so you do not feel alone in your struggles.


Monetary Support

As our Partners and friends continue to support our efforts, our goals are to establish and educational standard within our communities to bring awareness and diminish the proliferation of predators, cyber-bullies, and teens-at-risk. In 2017 we partnered with middle and high schools across Northern Indiana to reach over 2,000 students and staff, and over 250 parents. We educated over 500 church members in our family programs and reached over 200 members of various communities at community outreach events. We were successful in helping 5 families connect to legal and counseling resources, beginning the restoration process after having a child fall victim to a predator though technology. Every dollar counts when creating educational materials and helping a family in need of services. We ask for your partnership in our cause; please donate by contacting us.