Why Choose Us

Restoring Families Through Grace and Understanding

Our organization believes in the power of education, grace, and restoration. We understand that parent’s lives’ don’t revolve around social media and the internet, as their children’s do. It is our goal to be proactive in teaching youth about the reality of predators while giving them tools to protect themselves. We are creating educational opportunities on internet safety for all ages. These include programs for schools, churches, and other organizations.

Our family programs bring parents/guardians along side their children to bridge the gap in societal norms caused by technology. We know this is a dark subject, so we work hard to approach this heavy topic with comedic relief in order to keep it safe for youth as young as 4th grade.

Our school programs tackle the reality in which Middle and High Schoolers live. We speak to them in their language and provide real life examples of dangers that they can relate to in a way that is eye-opening and mind-changing. These programs have been successful in helping teachers and administrators have tough conversations that opened doors for further discussion to help students deal with serious issues.